Empowering OpenCart Webshops with External Systems

  • Empowering OpenCart Webshops with External Systems

At KOKU SCRIPTS, our dedication to enhancing OpenCart webshops extends beyond the platform itself. We specialize in seamlessly connecting a diverse array of third-party applications to fortify our clients' e-commerce ventures. Here's a detailed breakdown of the various services we've seamlessly implemented:

Financial Services

    • NAB: Providing secure payment solutions, ensuring smooth and secure online transactions for customers within OpenCart stores.

    • Stripe: Enabling frictionless online transactions, enhancing the checkout experience within OpenCart.

    • PayPal: Seamlessly processing payments, fostering enhanced customer trust and satisfaction.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    • Softone ERP: Synchronizing inventory, sales, and operational data seamlessly for efficient management within OpenCart.

    • Entersoft ERP: Enhancing business operations by seamlessly integrating Entersoft ERP with OpenCart.

    • MyData: Leveraging Greece's my Digital Accounting and Tax Application for streamlined financial management.

    • TGN Data: Implementing dynamic data exchange for enhanced business insights and operations optimization.

Communication and Logistics

    • Twilio: Enhancing customer engagement and order notifications through effective SMS communication within OpenCart stores.

    • TransMission, DHL, ACS Courier, Speedex Courier, Courier Center, GLS, DPD: Streamlining shipping processes and logistics management within OpenCart for efficient order fulfillment.

Marketplaces and Services

    • eBay: Effortlessly synchronized connections enabling your OpenCart store to expand its reach to a broader audience on eBay's marketplace.

    • Amazon: Streamlined product and order management, facilitating seamless interaction with the Amazon platform.

    • Channable: Integrated solutions for easy product feed management across multiple platforms, enhancing product visibility.

    • Bol.com, Skroutz.gr, Shopflix.gr: Expanding visibility and sales opportunities by integrating OpenCart stores with various marketplaces.

    • Google Maps: Enabling location-based services for easy store mapping and accessibility within OpenCart.

    • Google Contacts API, Dropbox: Streamlining contact and file management for improved operational efficiency within OpenCart setups.

At KOKU SCRIPTS, our expertise lies in bridging the gap between OpenCart and a multitude of external systems, enabling our clients to harness the full potential of their e-commerce endeavors. For more information on how our services can transform your OpenCart webshop, don't hesitate to contact us. We're dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that drive success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.