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Create multi stores in 5 min. Quickly manage your OpenCart multistore installation.

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OpenCart 2 Demo

username: demo

password: demo

OpenCart 1.5.x Demo

username: demo

password: demo

With this VQMod / OCMOD extension you can assign quickly products, categories, manufacturers, information and layouts to each store from your admin panel.

*Layouts assignments not included in Opencart 2 version

You don't need to edit each product, category, manufacturer or information, in order to assign to a store. (However, this way remains available.)

The extension is also useful for single stores. It will helps you to quickly assign/unassign products, categories, manufacturers and information to your single store.

The "Easy Multi-Store" extension is, also, fully compatible with Mijoshop (Joomla+Opencart shop).


Quickly create multi-stores

Assign categories/manufacturers/information/layouts (layouts feature available only in 1.5.x version)

Assign products belonging to selected categories

Assign products & their categories belonging to selected manufacturers

VQMod, only one file to upload - no core files changes for OpenCart 1.5.x

OCMOD for OpenCart 2.x

FREE Installation if required

Fully compatible with Mijoshop

*Υou can not select separately products. You can select categories, manufacturer and information.

The products in selected categories will also assigned to the store automatically if you want it.

The products (and their categories) belonging to selected manufacturers will also assigned to the store automatically if you want it.

Note that these 2 functions cannot work together.


VQMod is required for Opencart 1.5.x

Nothing required for Opencart 2.x!

Installation instructions included.


A new feature added: You can assign products and their categories selecting manufacturers to where belong.


A new feature added: You have the option to select if the products belonging to selected categories will assigned to the store or not.


(only opencart 1.5.x)

A new feature added: You can easily assign layouts to the new store. You may still need to edit layouts, in order to define routes in some cases. Please refer to the demo for more information on this.


Updated: Also, supports the Default store. Except layouts.


Updated: Enable/Disable checkbox added. You can select to run the module functions or not, each time you save store settings.


Updated to support Opencart 2!

Free Installation and Support

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