Bulk Categories to Product

Quickly assign categories to selected product from a single page

  • Bulk Categories to Product
  • Bulk Categories to Product
  • Bulk Categories to Product
  • Bulk Categories to Product
  • Bulk Categories to Product
  • Bulk Categories to Product
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If you have thousand or even hundred or less categories and you need to assign products to many of them, then this extension is for you.

With this extension you can easily assign categories to selected product, from a single page in your

administrator panel.

You can select for the product by auto-complete. The auto-complete function searches for products that

match with entered string anywhere and not only to the beginning of product name.

If you have many categories,you can use the Category filter. There you can enter text which matches with

the categories you need to display. This filter, also, matches everywhere in category name and not only to

the beginning.

The extension gives you the ability to select how many items (category boxes) you want to display in each


The extension uses AJAX. So, each time you click to a checkbox (category), the category

assigned/unassigned automatically to the selected product. There is no need of a final “Save”.

Finally, you can use the “Assign All” or “Clear All” buttons to assign/unassign all displayed categories to

selected product.


- Category Filter

- Easy Installation

- Only new files

- Ajax technology

- 7 days a week support

- Free installation if needed


- vqmod is required for OpenCart1.5.x

- nothing required for OpenCart 2 & 3

Free Installation and Support

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