UPDATE: ELTA Courier Vouchers for OpenCart - SMS Support


We have update our OpenCart extension for ELTA Courier Vouchers!

In the new version we have included SMS/Viber support for the customer notification (during pick list print). You can now send not only an e-mail but an SMS or Viber message to your customers. We do support 2 SMS providers: APIFON and YUBOTO to use one of them based on your preference.

To use the new feature, you need to have an account with one of the SMS providers APIFON or YUBOTO.

We also support Viber messages in case you have the agreement with your SMS provider.

The update has been applied in all OpenCart version the extension supports:

  • OpenCart
  • OpenCart,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • OpenCart,,,,,

In addition, the update also includes full support for all PHP versions up to PHP 8.2

Get the ELTA Courier Vouchers for OpenCart here.