Custom SEO Titles (VQMod)

Improve your store's SEO, by adding custom custom SEO titles on your pages!

  • Custom SEO Titles (VQMod)
Compatibility (OpenCart versions):

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With "Custom SEO Titles" you can set the custom seo page titles for your products, categories, information & manufacturers pages.

Now, you can have custom page title different from categories/products/manufacturers names and information titles.

Note that this extensions affects the page title only. Product name in category view or sitemap, remains as it is. The same holds for categories, manufacturers and information.


Works with multilanguage front-end (you can set "Custom SEO Page Title" for each language)

Works with any front-end theme

Easy installation (only one vqmod file to upload)


VQmod is required

Installation instructions included.

*Please follow all steps of installation instructions to avoid errors.

Free Installation and Support

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